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Why Women Need to Feel More Comfortable Referring Business to Other Women


"Women need to feel more comfortable referring business to other women, and hiring and mentoring other women. Most men did not make it to their positions alone. They had friends and mentors helping them along the way. As women, we need to stop feeling as if we have to prove we are not favoring other women. In addition, men in our society need to make it a priority to break out of their habits where they only feel comfortable hiring and referring business to their male buddies."

Betsy Karmin recently sat down with Thrive Global to talk about her career as a Real Estate attorney, what individuals and companies can do to support gender balance in the workplace and advice on how to succeed in the industry. In a candid interview, Betsy shared lessons learned, the biggest challenges faced by women executives and tips for helping your team thrive. Real the full article here.