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Growing Your Business in the United States


Join U.S. law firm, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, for a full day seminar discussing numerous issues relating to doing business in the United States, including issues relating to the rapidly expanding e-cig/vape industry. This seminar provides valuable information to Chinese companies who are looking to start doing business (or expand their existing business) in the United States. The presentations will cover specific challenges and solutions for e-cig and vape retailers and manufacturers. Please note that space will be limited to 75 attendees. 

诚邀您莅临由美国美瑞律师事务所Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP在四季酒店主办的向美国拓展业务研讨会。研讨会为期一天,将讨论有关在美国开展业务的各种问题,包括急速增长的电子烟/电子雾化器产业。研讨会将为寻求开发在美业务、拓展在美业务的中国企业提供有价值的信息,介绍保护自有业务的种种方法和思路。主题演讲还将特别涵盖电子烟/电子雾化器零售商和制造商面对的挑战和解决方案。席位有限(75名),报名敬请从速。 

Key topics 主题:

  • Minimizing Risk through Insurance 通过保险方式保护贵司业务
  • Protecting Intellectual Property 知识产权保护  
  • Navigating Trade Wars to Maximize Profit 解读贸易战
  • Reducing Exposure by Effectively Managing Litigation in the US 如何在美国应对诉讼

Speakers Include 主讲人

Bob Alpert, Morris, Manning & Martin
Jeff Douglass, Morris, Manning & Martin
Michael Ye, Morris, Manning & Martin
Bill Seide, William R. Seide Agency
Brian Boyanowski, William R. Seide Agency
Dan Zhuge, Morris, Manning & Martin


Four Seasons Hotel 
138 Fuhua Third Road, Futian District 
Guangdong 518048

福田区 福华三路138号
深圳 广东

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