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A Practical Guide to Insurance for Commercial Construction Projects

09.29.2021 (10:30 AM)

Join MMM’s Construction team as they discuss the importance of choosing the correct type and limits of insurance for your construction projects.

During this presentation, you will learn the answers the following key questions:

  • Who are the players?
  • What are the risks that need to be insured?
  • What coverages are needed for all the key players?
  • How much insurance do you need to properly mitigate the performance risks on your project?
  • What needs to be included in your design, engineering and construction contracts to provide the necessary insurance coverages to cover these risks?

Our panel will walk through real-world examples of construction projects like yours to identify the insurance needed at each stage of the project. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the panel members during the presentation.

Insurance is a key component of managing risk on every type of commercial construction project, but the types of coverages and necessary policy limits for all of the key players (Owners, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers) for each project depend on many different factors.

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