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Our construction group is thoroughly familiar with the technical, business and legal issues inherent in the multidimensional construction process and works to assure that developments proceed with our clients’ best interests in mind.

Construction projects involve a significant number of parties, each having a different role in the financing, permitting, due diligence, design and construction of each project. We understand each party’s role and responsibility in this dynamic process, which enables us to assist our clients in achieving their overall business objectives for each project.

We represent clients involved with virtually every type of commercial construction projects, including mixed use, brownfield, multifamily, condominiums, hospitality and resort, healthcare, office, industrial and warehouse, build to rent, retail, student housing, infrastructure and government/municipal projects of all types. 

Ways we can help:

  • Permitting, due diligence and planning for development of commercial construction projects
  • Design, consultant, engineering, construction, design/build and construction management contracts and related documents
  • Resolution of disputes throughout the construction process