Morris Manning & Martin, LLP

Global Connections

Morris, Manning & Martin is a member of two legal/professional services associations, Lawyers Associated Worldwide and World Services Group. Membership in these associations provides the firm and our clients with access to a broad range of global resources.

Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) is a global association of over 100 independent law firms located in more than 150 major commercial centers throughout the world. Membership in LAW allows member firms to service the legal needs of clients that are expanding their operations and relationships into new domestic and foreign markets because of the increasing globalization of the business world.

Membership in LAW is by invitation only, and candidates for membership undergo a thorough due diligence process. We currently have almost 110 member firms located in over 150 commercial jurisdictions in nearly sixty countries, representing a global resource of over 3,500 individual lawyers.

Morris, Manning & Martin’s liaison to LAW is Ward Bondurant.

To visit LAW’s site click here.

World Services Group (WSG) is a global membership association whose members are among the top providers of professional business services. There are more than 130 member firms representing worldwide clients. Members operate in more than 115 countries and throughout the United States.

The members of World Services Group are governed by a Board of Directors that reflects the membership professionally and geographically. Each region is headed by a Regional Council whose objective is to develop an overall strategy for maximizing business opportunities through cooperation and knowledge exchange.

Members are selected based on strict objective standards established by the Board of Directors including:

  • Being among the leading local, national or international business in their service area
  • Having the highest professional reputation within the professional community
  • Having unparalleled depth of practical experience in their region

World Services Group is a global organization of member firms each of which is an independent legal entity. World Services Group does not provide services to clients.

Morris, Manning & Martin’s liaisons to WSG are Carl Erhardt, John Fry and Seslee Smith.

To visit WSG’s site click here.