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U.S. – China Trade War: 3 Ways Lawyers Can Help Companies Cope


U.S. – China trade conflicts under the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump appear to be ramping up, not tamping down as many businesses had hoped earlier this year. Stocks tumbled Aug. 5 on China’s announcement that it would stop buying many U.S. farm products, and would devalue its currency in retaliation for the Trump administration’s pledge to impose an additional 10% tariff on the final $300 billion group of products imported from China on Sept. 1. The group includes everything from imported cod fillets to TVs and electric razors. In response to China’s move, the U.S. Treasury Department labeled China a “currency manipulator,” and said it would seek a remedy at the International Monetary Fund. Last week, Corporate Counsel reached out to Brady Mills, Partner, for comment. Mills spoke about three actions that lawyers can help companies take to navigate choppy waters as the conflict between the world’s largest economies drags on.

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