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Reimagining Hospitality Leadership: Opportunities for Women in the C-Suite


The rhetoric around the lack of women in corporate leadership positions escalated during 2020 and the onset of the pandemic, but this discussion had little to no impact on diversity in the hospitality industry, as more women than men lost or left hospitality jobs during this period, serving to further reduce the numbers of female talent to possibly draw from for future leadership roles.

Companies that are reimagining the makeup of their leadership teams could open many more top leadership roles in hospitality to women, outside of the areas of human resources, marketing, and sales, where women are more traditionally represented. Initiatives to hire and train women where they are underrepresented can contribute to female leadership growth. Women who feel they are being invested in by their companies often stay longer and gain more effective opportunities to move up in the leadership ranks. 

Formal mentorship programs and networking opportunities are another way that hospitality industry companies can encourage career progression. By nurturing a culture in which women have equal opportunities to achieve their future potential, the hospitality industry will be strengthened. The current state of the hospitality industry requires long-term thinking, creativity, strong leadership, and a clear understanding of the value of women in leadership roles to these organizations.

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