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MMM’s ADR Practice In The News


The launch of MMM’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice has garnered substantial media mention. Practice Chair Larry Kunin was called for comment by Law360 Pulse, Larry and Managing Partner, Simon Malko, spoke to, and the new practice also had a mention in Bloomberg Law.

Piquing the interest of the media is the unique specialization that MMM brings to the table. Being a specialist, as opposed to a generalist, allows ADR practice attorneys the ability to focus on that which they know best – the business of intellectual property law, technology and software licensing, construction, real estate finance, housing, employment, and M&A matters – bringing that level of expertise to their client when working as a third-party neutral.

With the demand for mediation in business disputes growing stronger in 2023, MMM did not see another company or firm bringing specialized insight to the table. Therefore, the team was primed to step in to fill that gap.

“We see an opportunity to refer work back and forth with other trusted law firms in this space,” Malko said. “We are constantly working next to or across from great firms on cases, and we build strong relationships with the lawyers throughout the course of a matter. We are leveraging those relationships and offering a great alternative for the lawyers looking for neutrals to help their clients with more complex issues.”

Contact any member of the ADR practice with any questions regarding our specialized ADR services.