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MMM Co-Chairman John Yates Featured in The Daily Report on Community Involvement


John Yates was recently featured in The Daily Report, where he discussed his new role as co-chairman of the firm and how being involved in the Atlanta community has been a significant business development tool throughout his career.

The article discusses the importance of volunteer work in building a practice and enhancing a firm’s visibility, particularly in smaller markets like Atlanta. Yates highlighted how community engagement fosters community recognition and the networking opportunities are crucial for business development. He also explains involvement in a community organization helps the individual attorney’s professional development.

“It’s not that you go out and you’re in Rotary or you’re in Boys & Girls Club or you’re in the Boy Scouts to bring business in,” Yates said. “What you find is that, by giving back to the community, people in the community recognize your support of the community, and they appreciate it. It gives you a much greater ability to develop a network and connection of like-minded people who care, in this case, [about] Atlanta.”

Yates concluded his term as President of the Rotary Club of Atlanta in June and now serves as Chairman. He also sits on the board of directors of the Woodruff Arts Center, CURE Childhood Cancer, and The Carter Center. Learn more about John Yates here.

“Relationship-building—there’s just no substitute for it. If you can do that in the context of helping the community, that is a win-win, and that’s what we’re all about,” Yates said.

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