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Lexology Getting The Deal Through: Market Intelligence - Digital Transformation 2021

Our Cybersecurity & Privacy team raises important points about digital transformation in a new article in a national Lexology publication called Digital Transformation. Partners Paul Arne, Austin Mills and Michael Young note important ongoing changes in the sector:  “The US simply does not have a comprehensive law for privacy and security. However, state law is starting to step into that void. Accordingly, the U.S. is home to a growing and varied set of state laws related to privacy and security… individual state laws frequently have consequences outside their own state borders.” 
Their article covers important issues for businesses including: 
•      Key legal and practical considerations
•      Awareness of points, techniques and best practices 
•      Potential impact on software, contracts and liability issues
•      Important preparations 
Read more in this global Lexology publication on digital transformation.  

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