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International Arbitration Seems To Have Ducked Widespread Zoom Coaching


MMM Partner Larry Kunin was interviewed by Law360 regarding a much-feared crisis in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic of unfettered witness coaching during virtual hearings. Kunin told the publication that the "crisis" appears to have been largely averted, with many lawyers likely reasoning that the risks were simply too high and the potential reward too low.

"It seems to me that's one of the things that, in advance, you fear, and it doesn't come to reality," said Morris Manning & Martin LLP partner Larry J. Kunin, who chairs his firm's technology, alternative dispute resolution and intellectual property litigation practices.

"It's almost like Y2K," he continued, referring to the widely held fear back in the late 1990s that computers would malfunction due to errors relating to the formatting and storage of calendar data during and after the year 2000. "Everybody thought the world was going to end at Y2K because all of the computers are going to shut down ... [but] it ended up being a big nothing, and nothing changed in our lives."

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