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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys help parties resolve disputes quickly and effectively outside of the courtroom. The members of our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) team are registered neutrals with decades of litigation and risk mitigation experience.

The attorneys in our ADR practice work diligently to resolve disputes without the need for further litigation, saving time and money for businesses and executives. We implement creative and proven conflict resolution techniques and strategies and have a breadth and depth of experience representing businesses of all sizes and industries in complex disputes.

A significant advantage that MMM brings to ADR is subject-matter specialization. Rather than ADR generalists, MMM’s neutrals bring hand-on experience with the subject matter of a dispute.

Specific areas of expertise include (i) commercial real estate landlord/tenant, post-closing, and land use and zoning disputes, (ii) intellectual property disputes related to patents and trademarks, (iii) insurance disputes, (iv) technology and software development, licensing, or implementation disputes, (v) M&A post-closing indemnification disputes, and (vi) commercial torts.

Ways We Can Help

Ways We Can Help

  • Mediation
  • Binding and non-binding arbitration
  • Neutral case evaluation
  • Conciliation
  • Negotiation