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Deadline for Mandatory Use of New 2017 AIA Agreements Fast Approaching


Last year, the American Institute of Architects (“AIA”) released the 2017 edition of several of its widely used standard form design and construction agreements.  This is the first change to these contract forms since the 2007 suite of AIA Contract Documents was released eleven years ago.

While some of the revisions to the Contract Documents are stylistic, many of the revisions involve substantive changes affecting important contracting issues, including the roles and responsibilities of the contracting parties, and key provisions in the agreement forms.  Accordingly, all those in the construction industry who use the AIA suite of documents, including owners, developers, designers, contractors, and subcontractors, should note and understand these revisions before using the new 2017 forms for any future projects.  In addition, while some of the revisions arguably represent improvements to both the form and substance of the prior version of the forms, the need to ensure your design and construction agreements conform to the applicable state law remains and all industry participants should note and understand any changes to the forms that may conflict with the law applicable to a given project.        

The 2007 version of the forms can be used until this fall, but the deadline to make the switch to the 2017 forms is fast approaching.  The AIA will fully transition to the 2017 suite of Contract Document forms on October 31, 2018 and the existing 2007 forms will no longer be available for use.

MMM has been working with clients to answer any questions and to help clients transition to the new 2017 AIA Contract Documents for all post-October 2018 projects.  Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.