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The Impact of the Election on Community & Rural Hospitals & Potential Strategic Options


With the election decided, the federal government is moving forward to fully implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("Healthcare Reform").  The new regulations will directly impact how healthcare is delivered and how healthcare will be paid for in the near future. 

In order to survive and adapt to the changing marketplace, hospitals must stay informed and act promptly.  This webinar discussed the impact of the election, the changes to healthcare delivery system, and strategies being developed to address the impact of Healthcare Reform initiatives. 

The presentation focused upon:

  1. Healthcare Reform's Impact to Hospital Reimbursement;
  2. Innovation Models that will change how healthcare is delivered;
  3. Evaluation of Integration Models, including ACOs;
  4. Strategies to address the changes in Healthcare Delivery Systems and Reimbursement Models

The community hospital is critical to ensuring access to healthcare in the communities.  This is an important webinar for all community hospital CEOs and leadership to assess potential strategic plans for the future. Please click on the replay link on the left to view the recorded presentation.

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