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We serve as counsel for our clients, regardless of location, helping them solve complex environmental issues to enable business and real estate transactions.

Our team routinely handles significant environmental matters across the country. The substantial network we have created through our vast experience includes strategic relationships with equity sources, lenders, insurance companies, and regulators.

We go beyond the traditional role of environmental counsel to provide broader business advice and economic development assistance needed for redevelopment of urban and industrial areas, including airports, seaports and transportation corridors. A fundamental component of our involvement includes engaging with state and federal agencies. We also address the transportation and land use considerations and tax incentives that commonly arise from redevelopment projects and which are necessary for success in these projects.

Proven Experience

  1. Successful Brownfield Redevelopment – Our lawyers represent sellers, buyers, equity groups, and lenders on properties with complex environmental issues and routinely work on the country’s largest brownfield redevelopment projects.
  2. Permitting – Our lawyers help clients get the proper permits for water supplies, wetlands, stream buffers, and endangered species needed for their developments.
  3. Regulatory and Legislative Involvement– We stay updated on the latest changes in environmental legislation, policies, and emerging issues and often work with legislators and state and federal agencies to ensure the cleanup and development of impacted properties is beneficial for both the communities and the developers. We also draft pertinent legislation to help our clients succeed in their efforts. For instance, the head of our practice served as a legislative appointee to the commission formed to review reauthorization of Georgia’s Hazardous Waste Trust Fund and was the principal author of Georgia’s current Brownfield legislation.
  4. Project Finance – Our lawyers work with lenders and insurers to help our client secure the funding and coverage needed to make their projects happen. In addition, we help our clients secure state tax credits, federal grants and other tax incentives to offset the costs of environmental cleanup and often, the costs of the development of impacted properties.

Ways we can help:

  • Purchase, redevelopment, financing, and sale of environmentally impacted properties (brownfields)
  • Pre-transaction environmental strategy and due diligence
  • Sustainability and ESG matters