Morris Manning & Martin, LLP

Arthur B.L. Martin

Arthur B.L. Martin

Partner, Retired

Arthur B.L. Martin was a named Partner and practiced law in Atlanta since 1950, joining Morris, Manning & Martin in 1984.

Throughout his legal career, Mr. Martin focused his attention in the area of real estate development and finance. He was involved in many substantial transactions that brought about positive growth and change in the Atlanta area. He used his unique negotiating skills and practical knowledge of real estate law to represent the area’s leading financial lending institutions and developers and operators of shopping centers, office parks, commercial buildings and apartments. He passed in January of 2014.

One of Mr. Martin’s most unusual assignments involved negotiation for construction of the Atlanta Financial Center, an 18-story office building built in the path of a proposed major highway and rapid rail transit line. Mr. Martin represented the building owners in negotiation of easements, air rights, conveyances and other concessions required for minimal disruption of the property owners’ business adjoining the highway right-of-way. His efforts resulted in the construction of a tunnel under the Atlanta Financial Center for highway and rapid rail tracks.

Mr. Martin served his clients through a unique combination of attributes and finely honed skills, a profound understanding of complicated real estate law, an established network of contacts with leaders in the business and political communities and a sensitivity in bringing the appropriate parties together to initiate, finance, develop and construct major projects.