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Simon Malko Talks with Bloomberg Law about How His Own Experiences Helped Change Mental Health at MMM


Managing Partner Simon Malko talked to Bloomberg’s Vivia Chen about how his own experiences dealing with stress and anxiety inspired him to make mental healthcare more accessible to everyone at the firm.  

He shared, “When I became a managing partner [in 2019], I had a lot of anxiety. I was dealing with a lot at work and the stress of raising two kids at home. I had an awful lot on my plate, and I was struggling with managing it all. Most lawyers, if they’re honest, have these issues.”

He explained, “My goal is to make it easy to seek help and get rid of the stigma,” adding that “people don’t need to wait until they’re diagnosed with clinical depression or in need of hospitalization to get help.”

And to put money behind those words, Malko’s firm is delivering help right to people’s office doorstep. It hired an onsite therapist who’s available for one-hour sessions—free of charge. “So far, we’ve had 150 sessions with a wide cross-section of people—partners, associates, and staff.”

Read more about MMM’s mental health and wellness initiatives here. A subscription may be required.