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Is There Room for Religious Discussions About Forgiveness in Cases of Campus Sexual Assault?


In the coming weeks, colleges and K-12 schools across the country will implement changes to rules governing Title IX, a federal law meant to guard against sex-based discrimination in schools. Religious institutions will be affected in unique ways.

The new rules will eliminate the requirement that religiously affiliated schools submit a written statement to qualify for an exemption to Title IX if they have programs that treat men and women differently based on religious teachings. The changes will also officially lift a ban on using informal mediation (instead of an investigation and adjudication process) to resolve cases of campus sexual assault.

Deseret News reached out to Dan Prywes for comment. “The fact is police are not going to prosecute every case,” said Prywes. “A lot of women may be very reluctant to go to court to file police complaints because they are going to have to testify in court, and it’s going to be public.”

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