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Five Cases Discrimination Lawyers Should Watch In 2023


Washington D.C. (January 2, 2023) - Law360 recently reported on several cases that discrimination attorneys should have on their radar in 2023 including upcoming U.S. Supreme Court rulings on decisions related to higher education and Fortune 50 companies, such as Goldman Sachs.

Dan Prywes, Partner, was called for comment regarding two high-profile lawsuits over affirmative action in higher education that may change how employers handle their diversity initiatives. Harvard was one of two universities sued in 2014 over a long-standing practice of taking race into account during the admissions process to foster educational diversity. Dan states that a decision for the anti-affirmative action groups could embolden non-minority workers to bring more discrimination cases and that the decision will not just bring about ripple effects, but a storm surge. Read the full article here