Morris Manning & Martin, LLP

Size and Status Protests 101


When a small business offeror learns that it was not selected as the apparent successful offeror, the company’s first reaction is often to consider filing a bid protest. However, when a solicitation is set aside for small businesses and or participants in one of the Small Business Administration’s socioeconomic programs, a size or status protest may also be an option. In a size or status protest, an unsuccessful offeror may claim that the awardee did not satisfy the set-aside requirements.

An understanding of size and status protests is essential for small business contractors who operate in an increasingly competitive environment. Tune into a recent webinar from MMM's Government Contracts group discussing how to navigate issues surrounding these protests and help make sense of questions such as:

  • What are size and status protests?
  • What arguments can be raised in a size and status protest?
  • How are size and status protests filed and decided?
  • What is the best way to defend a size or status protest?

Listen to the full webinar here.