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How Biden’s ‘Made in America’ Executive Order Could Impact Federal Contractors


The full impact of President Biden’s “Made in America” executive order, compelling federal contractors to purchase more U.S.-manufactured products, won’t be clear for some time, according to experts. 

Five days after taking office, Biden issued an executive order to push federal agencies to buy more products made in the United States. It builds on current laws—the Buy American and Buy America statutes, passed in 1933 and 1982, respectively. The federal government spends about $600 billion annually in contracting and current laws giving preference to American companies are not always followed and haven’t been “substantially updated since 1954,” said a fact-sheet from the White House. 

Kelly Kroll spoke to the Governent Executive and noted a caveat to the executive order, stating that it only applies to contracts under the 1933 Buy American Act

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