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CDC's New Eviction Freeze Poised For Major Legal Hurdles


The CDC’s latest decision on the eviction moratorium is likely to face a slew of legal challenges, with the Supreme Court likely weighing in on the matter very soon.

With The White House previously stating that the CDC had no legal grounds for an extension, then reversing its decision, many are looking to the Supreme Court, who has previously stated that the CDC ban could only be done through Congress.

The latest CDC moratorium, which applies only to areas where COVID-19 cases are soaring, will cover roughly 90% of the U.S. population. It's set to remain in effect until Oct. 3.

Bonnie Hochman Rothell spoke to Law360 on this matter and stated that, "Although the Supreme Court's decision did not directly resolve the CDC's authority to extend the eviction moratorium, it is foreshadowed that ... the Supreme Court would likely ultimately conclude that the CDC lacked authority if the issue comes directly to it." Read the full story here.  Law360 membership required.