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Venture Capital – NEW Issues For Raising Your Next VC Round In 2023 (And BIG Challenges)


Adjusting to the new norm in the global macro economy has affected everyone. This panel, moderated by Zach Crowe, discusses the current state of Venture and Equity markets in Georgia, the southeast, and nationwide as statistics show some of the lowest VC firm fundraisings in recent years. To help you prepare for 2023, “Venture Capital – NEW Issues for Raising Your Next VC Round in 2023 (and BIG Challenges)” addresses outliers in the current fundraising statistics, how to prepare for raising capital, and how raising capital this year could differ from recent years.

-Elizabeth Stephens, Principal at Noro-Moseley Partners
-Steve Hasty, Principal at Circadian Ventures
-Christian Czentye, Principal at CreativeCo Capital
-Patrick Rowland, Senior Associate, Fulcrum Equity Partners

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