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Venture Capital Fund Webcast Series: Session II


There are many new and important issues facing VC Fund Managers today.  Our VC webinar series provides practical perspectives on key phases of the business, from fund structuring through investing and exiting.  We also explore the expectations of the market, the LP's, and regulators.

This webinar, the second in the four-part series, covered "Fundraising."

  •  Distribution Alternatives-
    • The pluses and minuses of engaging a placement agent
    • Broker-dealers and the "finder" issue
    • Exemptions from BD registration for the general partner
  • Dealing effectively with the new diligence requirements imposed by investors, agents and gatekeepers
  • What can the manager do in a distribution
  • Practical guidelines for the manager reflecting the regulatory limits under securities laws
  • Special classes of investors (ERISA plans and foreign investors)
  • Subsequent closings
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