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TLF Charlotte VC Investing In Charlotte 2023: Trends, Deal Terms & Valuation Surprises




Major shifts in the market with Covid-19 and the return to the office bring new focuses and economic factors that tech companies and entrepreneurs alike should be cognizant of. This panel, moderated by Alex Scharyj, discusses current trends in tech company valuations, ways entrepreneurs can prepare for meetings with prospective investors, and what venture and growth funds are looking for this year. “VC Investing In Charlotte 2023: Trends, Deal Terms & Surprises” explains brilliantly the characteristics and qualities needed to thrive as a fund or entrepreneur in 2023. 


  • David Jones with Bull City Venture Partners
  • Brandon Shelton with TFX Capital
  • Ashley Gautreaux with CreativeCo Capital
  • Paul Clark with Venture South
  • Erin Connolly with Noro-Moseley Partners

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