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New 2011 HIPAA Enforcements - Are you in the KNOW?


The HITECH Act has increased the significance of HIPAA. In the last four months alone, HHS has awarded two contracts for audits, OCR trained the Attorney Generals on how to carry out HIPAA enforcements, HHS introduced 10% whistleblower incentives, and Business Associates are now subject to the same penalties as healthcare providers.  It is time for a renewed focus on HIPAA compliance.

Michele Madison of Morris, Manning, & Martin and Deborah Frazier of BlueWave Computing hosted this webinar to educate practices and hospitals on how to prepare for audits and breaches.  The webinar helped the audience to:

  • Gain knowledge on the HIPAA enforcements of 2011
  • Avoid being misled on Risk Assessment Requirements for Meaningful Use
  • Understand what you need to do to meet HIPAA 45 CFR 164.308 regulations
  • Learn about the expansion of HIPAA under the HITECH Rules
  • Rule out some of the misconceptions regarding Business Associate relationships
  • Prepare to respond to an audit or a breach
  • Prevent costly mistakes resulting in criminal & monetary fines

About our Presenters:

Michele Madison is a partner in the Healthcare Practice at Morris, Manning & Martin, where she provides general legal advice to health systems in various regulatory and business matters. She has specific experience in negotiating contractual agreements between healthcare providers and service providers, interpreting and advising health systems on regulations applicable to the healthcare industry, and providing regulatory advice. Ms. Madison also has key experience and expertise in Compliance programs. She provides advice for compliance with state and federal regulations and regularly drafts and negotiates agreements with hospitals, physicians, managed care organizations and ancillary service providers.

Deborah Frazier is the Healthcare Manager for BlueWave Computing.  BlueWave Computing is the “Healthcare IT Support Partner who informs and protects.”  As Atlanta’s largest IT Support Provider with over 100 fulltime local employees, BlueWave has the breadth & depth to meet all of your technology needs.   As such we stay on top of the things that matter to you.  The new introduction of the “BlueWave Healthcare Compliance Package” will give you all of the documentation you need to respond to an audit or breach.  Further, as an IT Support Provider we understand the seriousness of our role as a Business Associate and have incorporated HIPAA Compliance internally.  This not only makes us an expert, but part of the solution.  Can your IT Support Partner say the same?

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