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HealthIT Leadership Summit


The Health IT Leadership Summit brings together local, regional and national leaders in the health IT industry to address the issues essential to industry growth. The 2012 Summit will address meeting future healthcare needs through the use of innovative approaches and technologies to improve the population’s health, and the quality and cost of healthcare.

The program will progressively address three key topics that are critical to achieving the objective:

  • The Future: Envisioning a future which addresses the challenges the nation will face caring for an aging population and addressing near epidemic health issues with finite resources.
  • Transformation: Defining a roadmap for industry progression to the envisioned future while addressing key trends (e.g., consumer empowerment, connected individuals and providers, decision support, analytics, FDA regulations, and population health).
  • Innovation: Sharing success stories of innovative approaches and technologies that accelerate transformation while improving healthcare quality and efficiency.

The Summit ranks as one of the nation’s premier health IT events. The 2011 Health IT Leadership Summit brought together a sell-out crowd of more than 600 business leaders, healthcare providers, and public and private organizations.

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