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Advanced Licensing Agreements 2011

03.24.2011 – 03.26.2011
  • New: Licensing Issues in the Life Sciences Industry
  • New: Auditing Considerations
  • Learn Best Practices for Structuring, Drafting and Negotiating
  • Comprehensive Coverage of IP Licensing: Patents, Technology, Copyrights, Content, Trademarks, Software, Open Source, Trade Secrets, Bankruptcy, Strategic Alliances, Joint Development Agreements, Litigation
  • Choose Breakout Sessions to Suit Your Practice Needs:
    • In-Depth Panel Discussion of a Complex Technology License Agreement
    • In-Depth Mock Negotiation of a Complex Content
    • International Licensing: Asia
    • International Licensing: Europe

Why You Should Attend

Technology- and IP-based transactions are fundamental to the growth and maintenance of
business. Whether utilized to develop or productize new technology, expand or create a
market opportunity, or generate a return from existing assets, these complex transactions
require a broad understanding of a wide variety of legal disciplines. Additionally, whether
licensing patents, copyrights, trade secrets or trademarks, the ability to structure, draft and
negotiate complex license agreements is critical to a successful transaction. This program is
designed to address some of the more complex and practical issues that arise in drafting
and negotiating technology and IP licenses, as well as provide tips for specific industries
such as software, entertainment, and life sciences. The program will feature updates on
current legal developments, case studies highlighting best practices, tactics for negotiating
frequently contested issues, identifying and avoiding common pitfalls, keeping the
relationship on track, litigation planning and avoidance, and ethics. The speakers will
illustrate both outside counsel and in-house perspectives.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn best practices for drafting patent and technology licenses
  • Receive pointers on strategic alliances and other joint development agreements
  • Get guidelines for effective trade secret licensing
  • Navigate critical issues in software licensing and open source licenses
  • Understand key issues in life sciences licensing
  • Review important considerations in international licensing
  • Obtain guidance on copyright, content, and trademark licensing
  • Review strategic drafting techniques to account for litigation risks
  • Master winning negotiation strategies

Special Features

  • Treatment of IP licenses in bankruptcy
  • Conducting a license agreement royalty audit
  • In-depth panel discussion of a complex technology license
  • In-depth mock negotiation of a complex content license
  • Earn one hour of ethics credit

Who Should Attend

This advanced program is focused on those who already have experience in the
substantive area of intellectual property law, and who devote a substantial amount of
their practice to licensing.

PLI’s Nationally Acclaimed Course Handbooks

All program attendees will receive a copy of the two-volume Course Handbook Advanced
Licensing Agreements 2011. These bound volumes are prepared specifically for this
program and also stand alone as a permanent reference. PLI’s Course Handbooks represent
the definitive thinking of the nation’s finest legal minds, and are considered the standard
reference in the field. The Course Handbook will be available on the first day of the program.
Please note: Webcast attendees will have access to a downloadable version of the
Handbook one business day prior to the program.

Live Webcast at

The San Francisco session of this program is available live via the web at
• Print the Course Handbook
• Submit questions electronically
• Get “real-time” education right from your PC!

If you have any questions please call PLI’s Customer Relations Department at (800) 260-4PLI.

R e s e r v e y o u r p l a c e t o d a y, c a l l ( 8 0 0 ) 2 6 0 - 4 P L I .

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