Morris Manning & Martin, LLP

Taking your Business to the Next Level: Leadership Insights from Women CEOs

05.09.2017 (11:30am)

Experienced CEOs will tell you that what gets a company to $5 million isn't the same as what gets you to $50 million. What are the biggest challenges? How do you scale the business when it reaches a point of outgrowing systems or procedures?

Join Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Frazier & Deeter, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP and U.S. Trust for a panel discussion regarding leading a company through stages of growth.

  • Lisa Calhoun - Founding Partner, Valor Ventures
  • Karen Robinson Cope - Executive Vice President, NanoLumens
  • Kathryn Sabol - Business Coach & Former Owner, Princess Linens
  • Lisa van Kesteren - CEO, SeeLevelHX (Human Experience)
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