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Prevalent Legal Issues in this Real Estate Cycle


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Show host Michael Bull and a panel of high profile commercial real estate attorneys share aspects surrounding the most prevalent legal issues in this cycle. The show begins with best practices for lenders and investors when buying and selling notes and how a borrower may be effected when their loan is sold.

Then the panel turns to loan workouts and related issues. As the recovery bumps along more investors, lenders and borrowers are dealing with non-performing loans, bankruptcies and short sales. Plus the experts share keen insight on how bankruptcies can effect borrowers and lenders including why some borrowers file even when thay have no equity.
The guests also cover issues surrounding receivers, forbearance agreements and pre-negoitation letters. From recapitalization joint ventures to 'eating dirt' the experts on the Commercial Real Estate Show put it all in perspective.

The Commercial Real Estate Show is an entertaining and informative talk radio show for thought provoking enlightenment. The show, nor Salem Media, WAFS, WGKA, Bull Realty, the host, or the guests are providing legal, accounting or other professional advice. Due to the lack of knowledge of your particular property, your local laws and the fact based details of your situation, the information on the show is not meant to be considered appropriate for your property, loan or situation.

For legal representation to suit your specific property, location and goals, seek an experienced professional familiar with your individual needs, property type and market area. For recommendations to professional providers to suit your endeavors, contact the host at 800-408-2855 ext 2001 or at [email protected]

To learn more about this Podcast series, please visit their website.

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