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Patent Trolls and Deceptive Tactics - Impacts and Implications Explored! A Live Webcast


Join us on March 3, 2016 at 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM, for a live webcast featuring MMM Intellectual Property Attorney, John Fry.

Non-practicing entities also known as patent trolls have been a common problem faced by many companies seeking business development and innovation through patentable technologies. More importantly, a recent distressing trend shows that more and more small developers and companies are being targeted by these trolls. These companies may be forced to pay disproportionately high settlements or damages to the trolls or close down because of the costly expenses associated with defense.

In November 2015, a legal analytics company reported a huge rise on patent lawsuits, with many of them filed by patent trolls. Last year's spike was likely tied to several changes made to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, most especially the elimination of Form 18. The form let plaintiffs file a patent lawsuit without naming the specific claims or product is infringed. Without Form 18, parties who sue for patent infringement will likely be required to provide more detailed contentions in the initial complaint.

While changes to patent law and practice may have turned the tables somewhat, innovators should still be cautious since a number of new cases were filed by patent trolls after the elimination of Form 18 on December 1, 2015. The panel of key thought leaders and practitioners will help you better understand how patent trolls make their way through court battles and be able to strategize a winning defense against their deceptive tactics.

In a two-hour live Webcast, the speakers will discuss:

  • Identifying Patent Trolls
  • Patent Troll Methods
  • Attacking Patent Trolls Assertions
  • Litigating Patent Troll Cases
  • Monetary Remedies
  • Recent Trends on Patent Litigation

Speakers/Faculty Panel Include:

Jonathan K. Waldrop, Partner, Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman LLP
John P. Fry, Partner, Morris, Manning & Martin LLP

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