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Qualified Opportunity Funds: A Tax Incentive


A new economic development program offers tremendous tax incentives that, so far, very few people know about. Any person who has recently participated in, or expects to participate in, a large capital gain event can benefit significantly. To date, 50 states and 4 territories have established Qualified Opportunity Zones. Investing in these specially-designated distressed areas through Qualified Opportunity Funds (QO Funds) can yield substantial additional returns on investment in the form of tax savings. More specifically, capital gains realized in 2018 or later can be deferred or even permanently reduced. New regulations, including guidance on the certification of QO Funds and eligible investments are now, or will soon be, underway. One thing is clear: the sooner one invests in a QO Fund, the longer the deferral period. Regardless of the timing, the program provides the potential for attractive returns to investors while simultaneously addressing problems facing the nation’s most vulnerable communities.

To learn more about the tax benefits associated with Qualified Opportunity Funds, download the whitepaper: