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Nicholas Schmidt

Nicholas W. Schmidt

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Nick Schmidt assists clients in navigating data privacy regulations and cybersecurity incidents in ways that minimize business disruption and maximize data privacy and protection. Nick has responded to hundreds of cybersecurity incidents in a variety of professional firms, hospital systems, colleges and universities, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Nick's practice focuses on helping clients navigate the many requirements and business changes that come with data privacy regulation, a rapidly-growing area of law both in the United States and internationally. Nick helps clients assess the increasingly-popular omnibus data privacy laws, including state level privacy regulations in the U.S. (CCPA, VA CDPA, CPRA, CPA), the EU's Global Data Protection Regulation, and Brazil's General Data Protection Law.

Prior to attending law school, Nick worked as a software engineer. Nick is proficient in code and can code in seven programming languages. He is adept at discussing system architecture or algorithm design with development teams and corporate policies or practices with business leadership.