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Year-End Income Tax and Estate Planning



  1. Make purchases of “business equipment” (including software) prior to year-end.

  2. Defer income to 2014 and accelerate deductions to 2013.

  3. Harvest investment losses prior to year-end.

  4. Maximize contributions to retirement plans and IRAs prior to applicable deadlines.

  5. Review investment positions for possible realignment to minimize taxes.

  6. Invest in “qualified small business stock” prior to year-end.

  7. Utilize appreciated securities to make year-end charitable contributions.

  8. Utilize land conservation easements to make year-end charitable contributions.

  9. Make annual gifts to family members before year-end.

  10. Review estate plan in consideration of any life changing events and changes in exemption amounts for 2013.

The foregoing year-end planning tips, as well as additional tax planning information, are discussed further in our 2013 Tax Planning Bulletin.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact your MMM attorney or any of the members of our Tax Practice.

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