Morris Manning & Martin, LLP

Drones and Surveillance


The use of drones is rapidly becoming a more crucial part of the commercial landscape, including in Georgia where the film and agricultural industries play an important role. Just recently - on October 1, 2019 - Atlanta-based company, UPS, announced that it is the first company to receive broad approval by the FAA to operate a fleet of drones as an airline. As the commercial use of drones becomes more commonplace, pressure will increase for laws and regulations to catch up. Currently, drones are regulated by a number of federal and state agencies, with the FAA having the most significant influence. Rapid changes are occurring internationally as well, with Europe set to become the first region in the world in June 2020 to be governed by a common set of drone laws. Similarly, in the U.S., an influential group of lawyers called the Uniform Law Commission are considering model state legislation regarding the usage of drones. Going forward, legal counsel will provide critical counsel to clients on state and federal drone laws and regulations. 

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