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Don’t Take Yourself out of the Game: Mitigating the Risk of an Organizational Conflict of Interest in Federal Contracts


In this article, published by Cyber Defense e–Magazine, Michelle Litteken addresses organizational conflict of interest – or OCI – risks for cybersecurity and IT services, OCIs caused by subcontractors, and lays out a framework on how to mitigate an OCI. Michelle states that nearly every solicitation for a federal government contract contains a provision pertaining to an OCI and these provisions are important, as the existence of an OCI can result in the loss of a contract. Michelle reviews the three types of OCIs: Unequal Access to Information, Biased Ground Rules, and Impaired Objectivity, and indicates that for all mitigation strategies, proactive OCI identification, prior to bidding on the contract, is critical.

Read the full article here on page 87. Download required.